About Noventis

Hi! We're Noventis.

And, this is what we stand for, what we want for our members, and what we have planned for the future:

Our mission:

We are financial solutioneers, focused on the needs of our members and our community

Our vision:

Building strong community

Our core values:

Integrity – We pursue the highest standards of ethics and respect.  We earn trust through our honest, open and transparent practices.

Excellence – We strive for superior performance, and consistently provide professional, innovative, customized and quality service.

Accountability – We are accountable for our actions.  We demonstrate responsive and innovative leadership to ensure the strength of our organization.

Cooperation – We work together in the spirit of teamwork, collaboration and cooperative principles.

Sustainability – We are committed to the long term well-being of our communities.

Accessibility – We are committed to making financial access, decision making and implementation as easy as possible for our members.


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