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Board of directors

Here to build our community.

They say an organization can be defined by its people, and we have a great team behind ours. Our Directors are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance – and we love them for it. (We think you will too.)
Paul Cuthbert

Paul Cuthbert, Chair

Governance Committee
Compensation Committee

Donna Roed

Donna Roed, Director

Audit and Risk Committee
Compensation Committee
Sandra Falk

Sandra Falk, Secretary

CSR Committee

Bragi Simundsson

Bragi Simundsson, Director

Governance Committee

Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory, Director

Audit and Risk Committee

Nolan Sigvaldason

Nolan Sigvaldason, Director

CSR committee
Jamison Masse

Jamison Masse, Director

Audit and Risk Committee

Peggy Vigfusson

Peggy Vigfusson, Director

Compensation Committee
Marlene Michno

Marlene Michno, Vice-Chair

Governance Committee