Protect yourself against phishing while accessing Noventis online

Noventis Credit Union will NEVER collect your personal information (i.e. passwords, account numbers or your Personal Identification Number (PIN), via email or text.

So, if you receive a request asking for any of these things...please don't open any attachments or respond to the email/text. This is called phishing. 

Phishing is a method that the cyber criminals use to trick a user into providing important personal information (including login credentials for various websites). These attacks are designed to look like an official website, email, text message or social media advertisment from trusted sources. However, once the link is clicked and information entered, the cyber criminals can access the information you have provided and possibly other linked sources of information. 

As noted above, Noventis CU wil never request personal information over email or text message. Additionally, we do not promote our online banking login page/link anywhere online, except on our website home page: We suggest that you add our site to your favorites/bookmarks on your device; or, type in the address bar each time. 

If you ever receive an email from us which you are unsure about, give us a call so we can put your mind at ease. The contact centre number is 1-844-826-6500, and representatives are available Monday to Friday to assist you.

If you would like to report an attempted fraud, click here.

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The Government of Canada has an entire site dedicated to help citizens become aware and protect against cyber threats. For more information on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams, please visit their site here

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