New debit card FAQs

New debit cards are coming.

All Noventis members will be receiving fresh new debit cards in the mail beginning in June. To activate this new replacement card, a transaction using your existing PIN number is required. 

Your current debit card will cease to work as of August 1st, 2018.

Still have questions?  Check out the FAQ below:

Why are we getting new debit cards? Expand/Collapse

Noventis has transitioned to a new card provider and therefore, each of our members will be receiving a new card.

Are the new cards Flash enabled? Expand/Collapse

Yes, these new cards are Flash (Tap) enabled.

Will the new cards look different? Expand/Collapse

A little bit. They may be a little lighter in colour, and if you don’t currently have one of our flash-enabled debit cards, you will notice that these new cards have a 19-digit number on the front of them as opposed to the current 16-digit number. 

The colours in the cards below are not exact, but give you the general idea in identifying them.

Old debit card:
old card

Current debit card: (this card has a 19-digit number on the front, as opposed to the 16-digit number shown below)
current debit card

New debit card: (this card will also have a 19-digit number across the front, and will be embossed with your name when it is mailed to you)
new debit card

Will I need to select a new PIN? Expand/Collapse

No. Your new replacement card will be programmed to use your current PIN

How do I activate the new card when I receive it the mail? Expand/Collapse

You can activate the card by performing a transaction (Noventis ATM or point of sale purchase) with it, while using your existing PIN from your current card. Once your card is activated, you should destroy your old debit card.

When I activate my new card, will the old one still work? Expand/Collapse

If you have a flash-enabled card (see image below), the old card will be deactivated once you activate the new replacement card. Please destroy the old card once the new one is activated.

flash enabled debit card

If you have a card which is not flash enabled (see image below), this card will remain active until July 31, 2018. To avoid confusion, we recommend destroying your old card once you have activated your new replacement card.

non flash enabled debit card

I haven’t received my card yet. Should I be worried? Expand/Collapse

Your current debit card will work right up until July 31st. If you haven’t received a new card by mid-July, you should come back to see us.

How do you know my PIN number? Expand/Collapse

Your PIN number is programmed into your existing card. This information will transfer over to the new replacement card at the time it is assigned to you and mailed. PIN numbers remain confidential.

I received my new card, but I have lost it, how do I obtain another new card? Expand/Collapse

To obtain a new card, please visit your local branch.


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