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2020 Board of Directors election - Now Open

Noventis Director Elections - Voting now open

The Noventis Director Elections are now open. 

To cast your vote simply click here to vote online between Monday, May 11th and Sunday, May 24th. 

Business Members: To vote on behalf of your business, you are required to provide a Certified Resolution of the Directors, which designates who can vote in the name of that corporation. Please click the link above and complete the form attached. Once complete, please email the completed form to the Returning Officer - Amanda Wilson to obtain the required confirmation to vote. Alternatively, you may return the form to your local branch during business hours. 

This year, there are four positions up for election, and we have six candidates running for those positions. 

All voting will be done online, from the comfort and safety of our members' homes.

Note: If you or another member you know are not able to access the internet to vote, please visit your local branch between May 11th and 24th - during business hours - to vote in branch. All COVID 19 pre-screening protocols will apply.

To learn more about each candidate - and to prepare yourself to vote - simply click on their name in the list below to see their photo and a brief biography. Note: All candidate information is also available on the voting site once you login. 

Otto Christensen Expand/Collapse

When Otto came to Canada in 1989, he was pleased to find that his new home of Arborg had a credit union. His experience in Denmark had shown him how local organizations could often provide far superior service to their communities than the big, institutional corporations. He immediately became a member of the then Arborg Credit Union. He was proud to be a part of the organization and commended its staff, managers and the board for the service they gave, and the way they had committed to support and encourage the whole community.

Otto moved with his family from Arborg to Gimli 10 years ago, and was pleased to see the Gimli Credit Union had joined forces with the Arborg Credit Union to create Noventis. He paid attention to the new credit union’s growth and ways of doing things, and was impressed with the things they did for their members and community.

Otto holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education as well as a Masters of Divinity in theology. He has traveled extensively in his lifetime, having lived in Denmark, Nigeria and Canada. His travels have given him some unique insight into our world as a whole and specific knowledge in those places he has resided.

After a lengthy career with the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority as a Spiritual Health Coordinator, Otto retired in 2016. He left as his legacy there the department’s policies and procedures, having written and implemented them during his time employed there.  Otto now spends his retirement hours volunteering with the Gimli Glider Exhibit, the local Seniors’ Resource Centre, the 400th Anniversary of the Jens Munk Expedition, a local choir and more. He is active and engaged in his community, and enjoys getting out an active within it.

Otto presents himself for election to the Noventis Credit Union Board of Directors as a person of diversity, inclusivity, respect and integrity

Paul Cuthbert Expand/Collapse

Paul is currently seeking re-election to the Noventis Credit Union Board of Directors. He has served on the Board since the formation of Noventis in 2010. Prior to that, he served on the Gimli Credit Union Board of Directors from 1999 until 2010. Paul is currently the Board Chair and a member of the Governance and Compensation committees. He is the Noventis delegate for Credit Union Central of Manitoba and the Canadian Credit Union Association. Paul has served on all Board committees and has held chair responsibilities for all committees during his tenure.

Paul’s formal education includes a Master of Education degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree. He has also participated in extensive professional development and training to improve his effectiveness as a director. He has attained certification in the Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) program and has participated in numerous training sessions, meetings and conferences focused on the credit union system and board governance. Paul recently earned his accreditation as Certified Credit Union Director (CCD) at the Rotman School of Management.

Paul has extensive experience in senior leadership and board positions. His professional experience is as an educator, serving in a variety of capacities including teacher, consultant and Superintendent/CEO. Paul retired as the Superintendent/CEO of the Evergreen School Division in 2015 where he served for 12 years, reporting to a locally elected board of trustees. He currently operates Cuthbert Consulting, a consulting business providing leadership, planning and administrative support to school divisions and education organizations. He is also the mentor for the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents. In addition to his role as Chair of the Noventis Board, Paul is currently a Director on the Learning for a Sustainable Future board and also serves on the advisory committee for Project Horizon for Credit Union Central of Manitoba.

Paul and his wife Rosanna have been married for 32 years, and live in Gimli. They have two daughters, both of whom currently hold careers in public service. Paul and Rosanna have been active in their community, supporting many community-based organizations and local initiatives.

Paul is a strong supporter of cooperative principles and the credit union system; giving back to our members and communities. This is evident through his tireless service to the Board. He believes that a strong financial institution who supports the financial wellbeing of our members is critical to the sustainability of our communities.

Sandra Falk Expand/Collapse

Sandra Falk is seeking re-election to the Noventis Board of Directors. She has ten years of experience on the board for both Eriksdale and Noventis Credit Unions, and is currently serving her second term in the position of Board Secretary. She has served on the audit, governance and Interlake Real Estate & Insurance committees, and has chaired both the corporate social responsibility committee as well as the compensation committee. She has enjoyed her past years as a board member and learning about the credit union system, attending various system meetings and provincial and national conferences.

Sandra has retired from her 32-year career with the Province of Manitoba; lastly as a Pay & Benefits Administrator with the Civil Service Commission.

Sandra has an extensive educational background: She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Certificate in the Manitoba Municipal Administration Program, holds a Criminology Certificate from Red River College, and recently graduated from the Credit Union Director Achievement Program through Dalhousie University.

Sandra has lived in the Ashern area of the Interlake most of her life. Her husband has also recently retired, but they continue to run their farm together.
Sandra has been, and continues to be, an active community member and supporter.  She advocates for promoting growth, innovation and expansion in order to sustain financial services and employment opportunities within our communities, and believes in the cooperative values, mission and vision of Noventis.

Sandra is a committed board member and a strong voice for the members.

Lyle Hornby Expand/Collapse

Lyle Hornby has been a credit union member for 28 years, and has been with Noventis since its creation in 2010. He has also owned and operated his business in Ashern for the past 28 years.

Lyle is driven by his desire to make Noventis the best that it can be at every level, including our personal service and our overall service to the community.

Lyle has extensive board experience, and is therefore well-suited to the available director position. He has served on the boards of the International Union of Operating engineers, the Ashern Chamber of Commerce, Fieldstone Ventures, and the Ashern Museum Board for a combined total of 33 years. He also served as a Trustee with the Lakeshore School Division for three years, and has been a member of the Ashern Chamber of Commerce for 28 years.  Lyle also has experience with mentoring young people in our community, with a combined ten years of service as a leader with both the Ashern Cubs and Ashern 4-H Club.

Lyle Stansell Expand/Collapse

Lyle Stansell has been a credit union member for 39 years, and has been a member at Noventis since its inception.  He was born and raised in Arborg, left the area in order to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree at the University of Manitoba, and then returned to Arborg to raise a family of his own.  He is now married with four children.

Lyle has extensive experience in engineering, project management, budget management and capital expenditure project planning in both the private and public sectors. He is a professional member of the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba association, and has worked as a Senior Structural Engineer and a Structural Consultant Engineer within Manitoba for the past 13 years.

Lyle is also a champion of his community. He has volunteered as a Board Director for the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC), as well as for the Condominium Corporation #623 in Winnipeg for a total of six years. He also served as Structural Technical Committee President at Manitoba Infrastructure, and has done many hours of volunteer work with Ronald McDonald House, the Selkirk Fair & Rodeo, and various other community events.

Brandon Terry Expand/Collapse

Brandon has been a member of Noventis Credit Union for the past three years. After serving as a firefighter for 10 years with the Canadian Armed Forces, he recently took a firefighting position with the Winnipeg Airport Authority. He, along with his wife and daughter, decided to set down roots in Gimli.

Over the course of the past few years, Brandon has experienced an exceptional opportunity for personal growth. Moving from a federally managed organization to a corporate structure has allowed Brandon to effectively influence change from the bottom up. He is working on many notable projects at the moment, including:
  • Leveraging technology to perform annual firefighting foam testing in an environmentally friendly manner, while also creating a long-term cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Performing a comprehensive overhaul of the fire departments' standard operating guidelines as these guidelines currently do not reflect company policies and/or regulatory standards
Brandon is currently involved as a participant in the Winnipeg airport's OSH Committee, and he is also a member of the Fire Department’s leadership team. His current position within the operations compliance department aligns well with the regulatory aspect of serving on the Noventis Board of Directors.

Brandon's business background is 100% self-acquired. In 2017, he and his wife started a casual rental property business with a single cabin. Over the past three years, the business has grown and proved to be a success. As a business, Brandon's focus is on creating value. This value is not measured simply on the dollar amount coming in, but also on the quality of their properties and the excellent customer service they provide to families.

Brandon also wants to give back to his community by bringing young entrepreneurs together, and acting as a mentor to them. He wants to provide them with solid financial knowledge and the proper tools to successfully invest in themselves and Manitoba as a whole.

Brandon's interest in joining the Noventis Board of Directors stems from his desire to take the unique opportunity to shape the future of his surrounding community. Through financial backing, Brandon sees Noventis as having the means to impact the lives of the community it serves in a positive way - and he would like to be a part of that. He recognizes that guidance and due diligence are the backbone of providing opportunities and funding to its communities, and he wishes to ensure Noventis is around to help those communities for years to come.