Noventis Solutions Centre

Something new is in the works...

Here at Noventis, we are always looking for creative and innovative new ways to serve our communities.

So, when Lundar’s previous financial institution announced they would be closing, we saw an opportunity to help an under-served community.

After speaking with the local residents and the RM of Coldwell, we decided to do something new.  Something that would fill the need for financial services without taking the time of building a branch from the ground up. 

It's called the Noventis Solutions Centre, and it is scheduled to open in the Lundar Arena in early 2019. 

So....what is a Solutions Centre?

The Solutions Centre will be a smaller, 'footprint' model. This means it won't be as big as a standard Noventis location, and it may not be staffed at all times.  It will house an iTM (interactive Teller Machine) and an ATM. Together, they will be able to handle most of our members' day-to-day transactions.

Members in the Lundar area will also be able to make appointments with Noventis Relationship Managers to set up loans, mortgages, lines of credit and the like.

It is a fantastic first for Noventis, and for Lundar - home to our first ever Solutions Centre.

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