Noventis Rewards

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The Noventis Rewards program consists of three main parts:

Fifty over fifty:
All members who hold $50,000 of business with Noventis will get 50% of their service fees rebated each month.*

Note: Effective January 2021 the Fifty over fifty rebate will be discontinued.

6 months fee free:
 All brand new members who open up a qualifying Noventis account will receive their first six months free of account service charges.

Refer a friend: When a member refers a friend or family member to set up a qualifying account with us, they will be rewarded with $50.

So. Come on in and reward yourself today!!

*A minimum payment of $5.00 in service fees applies.

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Our members benefit not only from our Noventis Rewards program, but from a variety of perks. Add them all up, and you'll see how valuable it is to be a member!