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Send or receive money from anywhere.

E-transfer is a simple, convenient and secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another. With access to online banking, you can send money to anyone with an email address and a bank account in Canada - without sharing any personal or financial information. Interac e-transfer is a great alternative to cheques, cash, money orders and wire transfers. 

How it works:

When you login to online banking and send an e-transfer, an email is sent for fast notification to the recipient that a transfer has been sent, while the participating financial institutions transfer the funds using established and secure banking procedures. 

What you need:

To send an e-transfer all you need is an email address, online banking access and the email address of the person you are sending money to.

Autodeposit- added protection

The added security of setting up Autodeposit on your account, is the way to go. With Autodeposit all incoming e-transfers are automatically deposited to the account of your choice. Not only does it remove the added step of accepting the transfer, it also removes the risk that the transfer could be intercepted by another individual who may try to access your email account/bank account without permission.

To register for Autodeposit, login to your online banking and follow these steps:

In the left menu:

  • Select “Transfers”;
  • Then select ‘Interac e-Transfer”;
  • On the e-Transfer page you will see some options including a link that says ‘Autodeposit’, select this link;
  • Once you click ‘Autodeposit’ you simply follow the prompts adding the email address(es) you wish to register and the Noventis account that you wish all e-Transfers to autodeposit to;
  • To complete the registration, you will receive an email to confirm the registration of Autodeposit. Once that is acknowledged, the set-up is complete.

If you are sending an e-transfer to a recipient that does not have Autodeposit set up, here are some important tips to follows:

  • Ensure the answer to your security question is not:
    • in the security question,
    • obvious,
    • or easy to guess
  • Never send the answer to the security question to the same email account that you sent the e-transfer.
  • Never share the answer to the security questions with anyone other than the recipient.

*The fee to send an e-transfer is $1.50. There is no fee for Noventis Credit Union members to receive an e-transfer.

Interac Autodeposit FAQ

Once I register for the Autodeposit feature, how will I know when someone sends money? Expand/Collapse

You will receive a notification by email every time that you receive funds through the Autodeposit feature, letting you know that money has been deposited into your bank account and the details associated with the transfer (from who and any messages provided by the sender).

Can I cancel the Interac e-Transfer transaction when it is going to a recipient that is registered for Autodeposit? Expand/Collapse

Transfers can only be cancelled if they haven't already been deposited. To cancel an Interac e-Transfer transaction, you need to login to the online banking account and locate the transfer in the Interac eTransfer Pending Transfers or Transfer History list. If the transfer doesn't have a "cancel" link beside it then the deposit has completed and can no longer be cancelled.

Is the Autodeposit registration permanent? Expand/Collapse

Autodeposit registrations are permanent as long as the registration is active. Autodeposit registrations might require periodic re-validations due to inactivity, i.e. no deposits are made into the account automatically for a year.

How can I cancel my Autodeposit registration? Expand/Collapse

To delete an email registered for Autodeposit, you will need to login to the online account and access the e-Transfer Autodeposit settings page to delete the email currently activated for Autodeposit

Can I register the same email for Autodeposit at multiple financial institutions? Expand/Collapse

Each email address can be activated at only one financial institution at a time. If you register and activate the email address at one financial institution, then later register and activate this same email address at another financial institution, the email address at the first financial institution will be deactivated automatically allowing funds to be sent to the second financial institution subsequently.

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